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Save water on expensive car washes. Help save the environment!

ECO-SHEEN™ provides a new, revolutionary way to clean, seal, polish, and protect high gloss surfaces.

Use on cars, trucks, R.V’s, boats, motorcycles, airplanes, mirrors, windows, fiberglass, chrome, plastic, or any glossy painted surface. Bring space-age technology to your driveway and save water at the same time. Our formula does not scratch the vehicle’s delicate surface because each application completely encapsulates dirt particles with a protective coating. When you apply the product, it creates a thin haze that leaves a long-lasting protective finish. Apply it any time using your own technique: back and forth, up and down, circles, sideways - the choice is yours. Use ECO-SHEEN™ in the sun or shade. Your vehicle will shine!

How It Works: Our exclusive formula, Electrotek-PCM™ is saturated with positively charged ions, that chemically (ionically) adhere to the negative surfaces of the vehicle. ECO-SHEEN™ is enhanced with liquid carnauba wax which protects the vehicle’s delicate surface. After the final step with the polishing cloth, a hard waxed sheen remains giving a long lasting protective finish. Please note: Results may vary. For vehicles that have been off road, or have a heavy build up of dirt or mud, remove heavy build up before applying ECO-SHEEN™.

Safely and effectively removes oxidation
Removes paint overspray
Great around the house or garage
buy- http://forevercaps.myffi.biz

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